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Ganz Metro set

02 aug

“The surface transport of the big cities have faced a serious problem, the congestion due to the rapidly growing number of road vehicles. The solution of this problem in the mass transport was the establishing underground rapid transit railway systems. Metro systems in the big cities are considered traditional yet, however the number of settlements having set up up-to-date rapid transport systems of this kind in the recent past or building those in the present is steadily increasing.”

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Ganz Hunslet Metro set

31 Júl

To modernize the rapid transit railway network of the Hungarian capital, Budapest the Ganz HUNSLET and the Ganz Electric Works jointly developedment a metro type of international standard. The new metro vehicles meet the traffic, safety and passanger comfort requirements of the rapid transit railway systems.
The basic unit of the metro set is a twin-car unit composed of a motor car with cab and of an other motor car without cab. Four cab sets can be set up from the basic units. Six-car sets are assembled from two basic units and from an intermediate twin unit where both motor cars are without cab.”

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